The Waterbird Boathouse

Sustainable features

When designing the Waterbird Boathouse, we not only wanted it to look stunning, but we also wanted to tie the property in with it's surroundings. By focusing on sustainability, we made sure that staying in the Boathouse has an extra layer of guilt-free indulgence. Sustainable features include:

  • Highly insulated timber framed building fabric to the walls, roof and floor over the wet dock area.
  • The use of high-performance triple glazed windows and rooflights.
  • Electrical energy supplemented by photovoltaic panels located on the south roof.
  • Space and water heating provided by air source heat pump. The steel radiators are supplied with hot water provided by an innovative hot water cylinder which is powered by both the air source heat pump and solar panels.
  • Additional heating provided by wood burning stove located in the living room, which has a high efficiency rate of 81%.
  • All appliances, lighting, water consumption and energy consumption are rated A or A+.
  • LED lighting throughout, with exterior lights which operate only at night time and are on a motion sensor.
  • Humidistat extractor fans to bathrooms which only operate when the humidity level increases.
  • Achieved an exemplary energy assessment rating of A94 and an environmental impact rating (CO2) of A96.

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