Fix the Fells

Fundrasing in the Lake district

Keeping the beauty of the Lakes intact for centuries to come is one of our main priorities on site. Projects that have this agenda in mind are therefore really exciting for us. To help maintain the landscape around us, and the rich cultural heritage of the Lake District National Park - we've partnered with Fix the Fells to help make a difference.

What is Fix the Fells?

Fix the fells is a partnership project which carries out vital repairs and maintenance to upland paths. The project is relies on donations, and the support from all of you is greatly appreciated. They know the Lake District Fells are enjoyed by millions of walkers each year, and that footpath erosion can be surprisingly easy to overlook. Rising visitor numbers and fragile landscapes have begun to leave a real mark on the UNESCO World Heritage Site and they are in need of some TLC! Fix the Fells says:

"Over time grass is compacted by heavy foot traffic and dies. Heavy rainfall quickly washes away the exposed soil down the steep slopes into streams, rivers, and eventually lakes, where the increased amount of silt causes havoc for fish and other species".

We need your help

The importance of this project to maintaining the amazing landscapes around us therefore is huge. Without projects like Fix the Fells and the people who support them, the marks left on the fells may never be restored, and that is something we whole-heartedly wish to avoid in whatever way we can.

If you wish to find out more about Fix the Fells and the Lake District Foundation, then please visit their website at:

Tuesday 23rd of October 2018

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