Hill of Oaks Lodge & Caravan Park

Terms and conditions


These park rules are in place for the good management of Hill of Oaks Park and the benefit of all who use it. These rules form part of the Licence Agreement that is the contract between us for your occupation of a pitch on the park. They should be read alongside your Licence Agreement.

The park rules do not affect anything to which you are entitled under the terms of your Licence Agreement.

The expression ‘you’/’your’ means the Holiday Home owner and/or occupier [and this includes anyone using the Holiday Home]. The expression ‘we’/’us’/’our’ refers to the park owner and/or manager.

Please make sure that anyone using the Holiday Home is aware of the park rules.

The rules set out below are the park rules referred to in your Licence Agreement. You are reminded that breach of these rules is a breach of your Licence Agreement and could result in termination of the Licence Agreement.

1. General

  • 1.1 All holiday home owners must observe the conditions of the Park’s Site Licence and not do anything which may put the Park in breach of those conditions. The Site Licence is displayed on a notice board outside the Park reception.
  • 1.2 Holiday Home owners and their guests may occupy Holiday Homes on the Park between the dates specified in the Pitch Licence Agreement and in accordance with the Site Licence and planning permissions.
  • 1.3 The owner of a Holiday Home is not allowed to use the Holiday Home as his or her main or sole residence and may not register the holiday home with the Local Authority as his or her permanent address.
    • 1.3.1 Holiday Home owners agree to produce to us in response to a written request satisfactory proof of their main residential address, such as council tax, utility bill or driving licence in their name.
    • 1.3.2 No post for a holiday home owner can be accepted by the Park.
    • 1.3.3 You must not allow the Holiday Home to be used by anyone who will commute regularly from the Holiday Home to his/her place of work.
  • 1.4 You are not permitted to sub-let the Holiday Home.
  • 1.6 The Pitch does not include any part of the Park except that on which the holiday home stands.
  • 1.5. You must not erect any fences or other means of enclosure around your Pitch or anywhere on the Park.
  • 1.7 No notices, advertisements, posters or similar may be displayed in the windows, the exterior of the holiday home or pitch, save for a “for sale” sign approved by us in the event that you wish to market the holiday home for sale. We will not withhold our approval unreasonably.

2. Safety

  • 2.1 You should use the park safely and should not cause danger to others.
  • 2.2 You should obey all health and safety notices displayed on the park and act on the reasonable instructions of park staff in matters of health and safety.
  • 2.3 After a Holiday Home has been commissioned, any on-pitch maintenance and repairs to gas installations may only be carried out by a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered LPG technician. You must provide us with the relevant documentation on request in order to maintain a safe environment on the Park.
  • 2.4 All gas and electrical appliances must be tested annually and when a Holiday Home is bought / sold and a copy of the relevant certificate should be provided to the site office.
  • 2.5 Lighting of fires is not permitted.
    • 2.5.1 Barbecues are permitted however these must be raised off of the ground.
  • 2.6 Children under 14 years old must not be left unattended in the holiday home at any time.

3. Fire Safety

  • 3.1 The greatest care must be taken to prevent the outbreak of fires on the Park. Fire fighting equipment can be found throughout the park and is clearly visible.
  • 3.2 Every holiday home must be equipped with adequate fire fighting equipment including as a minimum 1kg fire extinguisher and smoke alarm.
  • 3.3 Gas cylinders should not be secured to the Holiday Home so as to permit removal in the event of an emergency.

4. Security

  • 4.1 You are solely responsible for securing the Holiday Home.
  • 4.2 You may only use alarms of the silent, monitored type and not audible alarms.

5. Permitted number of occupiers

  • 5.1 Your Holiday Home may not be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the ‘maximum sleeping capacity’ stipulated in your Licence Agreement; if no number is stipulated then it may not be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number for which it was designed.

6. Condition of the Holiday Home

  • 6.1 All Holiday Homes should be maintained to a good standard and kept clean and tidy. The holiday home owner is responsible for the general upkeep of the holiday home.
  • 6.2 You must not change the colour of the exterior of the Holiday Home without our prior consent in writing, which will not be unreasonably withheld.
  • 6.3 You must not carry out any building works or structural alterations to the Holiday Home unless you have first obtained our written consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld. Any alterations must comply with the conditions of the Park’s site licence and any fire regulations. Please be aware that if you carry out any internal/external work which could affect the warranty or construction stability then you may be affecting the saleable value of your unit.

7. Your pitch

  • 7.1 You are responsible for the cleanliness of the Holiday Home pitch.
  • 7.2 You are responsible for keeping the area under and around the Holiday Home clean and tidy.
  • 7.3 You must not carry out any building works or structural alterations to the Pitch unless you have first obtained our written consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld. Any alterations must comply with the conditions of the Park’s site licence and any fire regulations.
  • 7.4 Fences are not permitted around pitches.

8. End of season

  • 8.1 It is your responsibility to drain down and prepare the Holiday Home for the closed season. The details of the closed season can be found in your Licence Agreement.
  • 8.2 You must ensure all gas, electricity and water connections are switched off throughout the closed season.
  • 8.3 During the closed season we recommend that the curtains of your Holiday Home are drawn back and all items of value removed.

9. Utilities installations

  • 9.1 You must switch off all gas, electricity and water connections when the Holiday Home is not occupied.
  • 9.2 If you experience any problem with the park’s electrical, gas or water system, you should contact us. You must not attempt to work on any part of the park’s electrical, gas or water system yourself; this includes any installations on the pitch.

10. Pets

  • 10.1 You are not permitted to bring more than 2 dogs onto the park (other than breeds subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 which are not permitted at all.)
  • 10.2 Dogs must be kept under proper control and must not be allowed to frighten other users of the Park.
  • 10.3 You must keep any dog on a leash not exceeding 1 metre in length and must not allow it to despoil the park.
  • 10.4 Other pets are permitted at our discretion. You must obtain our prior written consent before bringing any pet to the Park, which will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
  • 10.5 Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets.
  • 10.6 Nothing in these Park Rules prevents you from bringing an assistance dog to the park if this is required to support your disability and Assistance Dogs UK or any successor body has issued you with identification Book or other appropriate evidence.
  • 10.7 Your Licence Agreement contains undertakings not to allow anything which is or becomes a nuisance, inconvenience or disturbance to other Park users and this undertaking extends to the behaviour of pets and animals.
  • 10.8 The permission for a pet may be withdrawn if the animal is or becomes a nuisance or annoyance to us or to other occupiers of the Park.
  • 10.9 All Lakeside Pods (Hill of Oaks), Cottages, Safari Tents and Apartments; maximum of 2 dogs per unit with a charge of £25.00 per dog per stay.

11. Drainage system

  • 11.1 You must not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including, but not limited to, cleaning cloths, babies’ nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engine oil, grease or paint.

12. Tents

  • 12.1 You must not erect any tent or gazebos on the park.

13. Trees and shrubs

  • 13.1 You must not cut any trees or hedges at the park. If you find any tree or hedge a nuisance or unsatisfactory you should take the matter up with us; do not deal with it yourself.
  • 13.2 You must not plant any tree or shrub.

14. Digging

  • 14.1 You must not dig any hole at the park.

15. Washing

  • 15.1 You may only use washing lines of the rotary type or the window sill type and must remove them and store them out of sight immediately after use.
  • 15.2 You must site washing lines to avoid inconvenience to other Holiday Home owners and park operations.

16. Refuse

  • 16.1 You must not deposit refuse outside your Holiday Home. You should use the refuse bins provided.
  • 16.2 Recycling points are available on the park and you should use these facilities where appropriate.

17. Vehicles, boats, driving and parking

  • 17.1 You must insure all vehicles you use on the park as for use on the public road.
  • 17.2 You must insure all accessories and items towed by vehicles (such as towed boats) as for transportation on the road and their ordinary use.
  • 17.3 You must not keep disused or un-roadworthy vehicles anywhere on the park. We reserve the right to remove any vehicle which is apparently abandoned.
  • 17.4 You must not carry out the following works or repairs on the park: major vehicle repairs such as dismantling of part(s) of the engine works which involve the removal of oil or other fuels.
  • 17.5 Motor vehicle repairs must not be carried out at the park but a recognised breakdown service may attend in the event of a breakdown.
  • 17.6 Quad bikes, trials bikes, powered scooters and jet skis are not permitted on the park. Nothing in these Park Rules prevents you from using mobility scooters on the park if this is required to support your disability and a relevant body has issued you with appropriate evidence.
  • 17.7 You must not wash cars with a hosepipe.
  • 17.8 We permit cars onto the park for the purposes of access to the Holiday Home only. Accordingly, save to the extent that you may need to do so because of a disability, you must not drive cars around the Park for other purposes, such as visiting other locations on the Park. We may ask for reasonable evidence of any disability relevant to this rule.

18. Boats

  • 18.1 You must obtain our written permission for boats to be stored on the Park. Our permission will not be withheld unreasonably.
  • 18.2 If permission is approved, all boats need to be registered with the Lake District Estates Co. Ltd before being stored on park. Registration forms are available from the Parks Office and these must be completed together with the registration fee before your boat can be stored on the Park. Details of the registration fee can be found in your Licence Agreement.
  • 18.3 Once registered with the Park, boat registration details need to be displayed on both the boat and the trailer at all times.
  • 18.4 All boat trailers must be removed from the slipway after launching.

19. Driving

  • 19.1 Driving on the park is restricted to the park roads.
  • 19.2 You must drive all vehicles on the park carefully and within the displayed speed limit.
  • 19.3 You must hold a full current driving licence to drive any vehicle on the park.
  • 19.4 You are not permitted to give anyone driving lessons at the park and we do not permit learner drivers to drive on the park.

20. Parking

  • 20.1 You must not park anywhere except in the permitted parking spaces next to your Holiday Home
  • 20.2 You may park not more than 2 cars at the Holiday Home.
  • 20.3 You must not park on the grass or roadsides.
  • 20.4 Other than for delivering goods and services, you must not park or allow parking of commercial vehicles of any sort on the park, including: light commercial or light goods vehicles as described in the vehicle taxation legislation and vehicles intended for domestic use but derived from or adapted from such a commercial vehicle.

21. Behaviour

  • 21.1 You should respect the privacy of other Holiday Home owners and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 10.30pm and 7.00am with absolute quiet between midnight and 6am.
  • 21.2 You must keep away from any vacant pitches.
  • 21.3 You must finish any barbecues or parties by 10.30pm
  • 21.4 You may only consume alcoholic drinks within the boundaries of your pitch.
  • 21.5 You must not use fire hoses for any improper purpose including such as washing cars or boats.
  • 21.6 You must not use a drone, powered model aircraft or any other powered flying object on the park.
  • 21.7 You must not use any Chinese lanterns, fireworks or similar.
  • 21.8 You may not ride bicycles, scooters (or similar) so as to cause a nuisance or undue noise. Nothing in these Park Rules prevents you from using mobility scooters on the park if this is required to support your disability and a relevant body has issued you with appropriate evidence.

22. Visitors to the holiday home

  • 22.1 Holiday home owners and their visitors must not:
    • 22.1.1 commit any criminal offences at the Park or use the Holiday Home in connection with any criminal activity
    • 22.1.2 commit any act of vandalism or nuisance on the Park
    • 22.1.3 bring or use fireworks on the Park
    • 22.1.4 keep, carry or use any firearm, catapult, other weapon or explosives at the Park
    • 22.1.5 bring onto the Park or use on the Park any illegal drugs
    • 22.1.6 create undue noise or disturbance, including music especially between the hours 10.30 and 0700hrs; and/or
    • 22.1.7 Allow anyone who they know or suspect to be on the Violent and Sex Offenders Register to use or visit the holiday home
    • 22.1.8 It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors and all occupiers of your Holiday Home adhere to the park rules.

23. Ejection on grounds of behaviour

  • 23.1 In the event of persistent or serious misconduct by you, a member of your family, your occupiers, visitors or guests, we will follow any relevant notice procedures in the Licence Agreement. We do not have to follow any formal procedure to eject other visitors.


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